Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mike Dillon Band @ ZirZamin 8/21/12

I was home at 9:45 and thinking about bagging it and going to bed early.  I just couldn't do it - I had to see at least some of the show.  My being wouldn't let me stay in.  I only got about 1/2 hour and I could tell there was greatness to come, but I needed to be alert for work the next day.  I was very happy with the music I did get.

ZirZamin is where the old Zinc Bar was.  I always liked that spot.  It's still great.  The bar is up front.  I paid the $10 cover in the back of the front room.  Then I walked through a curtain and then by the hot line for the kitchen where a server would pick up food.  Then there's another curtain and finally the performance space.  Really, it's how music venues with bars should be - keep the bar and talkers away from the music.  There were still talkers in the room, but the music was compelling enough that I could ignore it.  I could also ignore the tables and chairs with seated people in the front.  At first I was put off by it, but then the music took over and it didn't matter.  I do think they should consider removing the tables and chairs for some bands, and especially if it's expected to be crowded.

They were playing music from the new CD, which isn't out yet.  It was great.  There was one piece where Carly played the marimba and Mike played the vibes and the drums and guitar were doing interesting thing and I liked it.  It looked like Scott Metzger in the audience had his guitar with him.  I will just have to wonder if he or anyone else sat in since I cut out so early.
"The Mike Dillon Band, which delivers a cache of his new songs, infuses fresh life into his classics, and features Mike Dillon (vibraphone, percussion, lead vocals), Adam Gertner (drums), Cliff Hines (guitar, bass and keyboards) and Carly Meyers (trombone, vocals), whose raw talent, enthusiasm and infectious dance moves have created quite a stir among music goers in the past year."

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