Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wycliffe Gordon @ Dizzy's 10/25/11

I was surprised when I saw Wycliffe come out with a trumpet - I could have sworn he was a trombone player.  Oh duh, it's a Louis Armstrong tribute, of course the leader would be a trumpet player.  It turns out my memory hadn't failed me, he just plays lots of instruments.  That night he played trumpet, trombone, sousaphone, and at one point, his hands as a wind instrument.

When Wycliffe switched from trumpet to trombone he invited Jumaane Smith out to play trumpet.  Jumaane stayed out for the duration.  He's quite powerful.  I wonder if he is from NOLA.  Of course, Emily Asher was also playing trombone all night, so we were never missing it.  I did like having 2 trombones up there when we had it.

There was also a female vocalist in the middle of the set.  I didn't realize Louis did some music with Ella Fitzgerald.  The vocalist was good and it was also good how they brought her up for a portion of the set and then she left the stage again.  Wycliffe also did a good job with the Louis vocals.

Anat was also having fun doing some of the backup vocals.  She was phenomenal on clarinet, soprano and alto saxes.  I wanted to make sure to her to one of her sets.

It was a super awesome set and I'm really missing New Orleans.

Wycliffe Gordon Quintet & Friends
Hello Pops! The Music of Louis Armstrong
Wycliffe Gordon, trombone, trumpet, vocals, tuba; Anat Cohen, clarinet, tenor saxophone (Oct 25-27); Adrian Cunningham, clarinet, tenor saxophone (Oct 28-30); Aaron Diehl, piano; Corcoran Holt, bass; Marion Felder, drums; Nancy Harms, vocals; Jumaane Smith, trumpet; Emily Asher, trombone

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