Thursday, November 3, 2011

Josh Abrams Trio @ CSV 10/17/11

Josh was the only one I didn't know.  However, it only makes sense for Ingrid to surround herself with greatness.  It was indeed great.  I spent a lot of time watching Gerald Cleaver.  He had me going when he was getting his drumkit ready.  I seemed to the only one who heard the rhythm when he used the key to tighten it up.

The set was fabulous and well worth dragging my jetlagged self out.  I took the red-eye back from L.A. the day before.

Evolving Series begins Monday October 10

 @ Clemente Soto Velez
2nd floor Theater -  Clemente Soto Velez Educational and Cultural Center
 107 Suffolk Street (between Delancey and Rivington)

tickets: $11 per set / $16 for 2 sets / $22 all night
Students/Seniors : $8 per set / $12 for 2 / $18 all night
October 17
Creative Sounds of Dissension

7:30 pm Ras Moshe Unit
Ras Moshe - tenor sax & flute
Anders Nilsson - guitar
Larry Roland - bass
8:45  Joshua Abrams Trio
Joshua Abrams - bass
Ingrid Laubrock - sax
Gerald Cleaver - drums
10 pm Michael Bisio Duo
Michael Bisio - bass
Tomas Ulrich - cello

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