Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honey Ear Trio @ Rubin Museum 10/21/11

If a band I like is playing there on a Harlem in the Himalayas Friday night, I do my best to go.  I love how it's acoustic and it's a good time slot - it's hard for me to get out on a Friday due to needing sleep.  I also love how they compose 1 or more pieces around works of art from the museum.  We got 1.5 hours of great music consisting of songs from their CD and 2 world premiere pieces which were outstanding.  Erik referred to them as commissioned pieces, which in effect, they were.  The first one was composed by Rene and had Allison break out an interesting looking glockenspiel she put on top of her snare drum.  She also put percussion bells on he ankles for the piece.  The other piece was an excellent one by Erik.  All the music was excellent - it's a great CD.

I tried to go to Zebulon for the Marc Ribot Trio after that, but it was sold out.  They were charging a $10 cover, which made sense, and it was packed.  I should have known - he has a big draw.

Honey Ear Trio is the newest incarnation of Brooklyn-based and longtime musical cohorts Erik Lawrence, Rene Hart, and Allison Miller. Together these three passionate musicians approach their music with a sense of playfulness and elasticity.

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