Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overtone Quartet @ Birdland 1/5/11

The only thing on my list of potentials that I wanted to go to was Marc Ribot @ LPR. But, it wasn't going to start until 10 and I knew I wasn't up for a late night. So I consulted my trusty All About Jazz and saw that Chris Potter was at Birdland. Now, it was after 6 but I figured I'd give Goldstar a shot. There were still some 1/2 price tickets to be had for the next night, but not for me.
I did think Dave Holland was in it, but Chris was the big reason to get me over there. There was no Dave and maybe there wasn't supposed to be.  Dave just brought them all together in a quintet. 

In addition to Chris, I was also psyched about Jason Moran. You know that a great rhythm section was backing them up. It was awesome. There was one song with Chris on soprano that really had me on another plane. The set was awesome.

Overtone Quartet:
Jason Moran,
Chris Potter,
Eric Harland &
Larry Grenadier

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