Friday, January 14, 2011

MTO Plays Sly @ Littlefield 1/6/11

I finally got to see this and it was great. It was so much fun to get down. Nicole Atkins couldn't make it due to bronchitis, but they were able to get Fiona McVeigh from Ollabelle last minute.

I love this band regardless of what they are doing. This night was comprised of Steven Bernstein leading and playing enough slide trumpet to keep me happy, Uri Caine on keys, Ben Allison on bass, Kenny Wollesen on drums, Charlie Burnham on violin, Curtis Fawlkes on trombone, Erik Lawrence on saxaphones, Peter Apfelbaum on reeds, and Doug Weiselman on sax and clarinet. If you are familiar with them, then you know just how amazingly talented the band is. If you aren't familiar you are about to have the opportunity because Adam is about to document the NYC Downtown jazz greatness that I am privileged to get to on a regular basis. I couldn't help fantasizing about some of the possibilities that might come out of this. And, there's so much more possible than I could possibly imagine.

I also need to mention the main vocalist, Dee Morgan. He was good and it was good to get some words to Sly tunes. He also knew how to improvise and would occasionally play his hands or whistle.

The show was awesome and definitely up there in terms of greatness. I had a lot of fun dancing. The music was stellar.

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