Friday, January 7, 2011

Karl Densen's Tiny Universe @ BB's 12/30/10

Yes, it was a triple header that meant I was dancing all night. I wrote Karl off years ago - he only did it for me once. It was a special jazzfest night show at d.b.a. of a Vidocovich/Densen duo. It was phenomenal and I realized how talented Karl is. It was the only time he impressed me. Tiny Universe impressed me another time, when it was a late night show. I wanted to give this show a chance because I heard his recent Irving Plaza show was stellar.

This BBs show was pretty good. It was fun and I was into it. I wasn't bored at all. I doubt it was the level that IP show was, but it was fun nonetheless. I did get the feeling Karl was saving something for the upcoming New Years Day show at Brooklyn Bowl, though.

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