Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections II @ The Stone 1/3/09

That was nice. Chad Taylor is listed, but he wasn't there. I can't remember the drummer's name, but he was awesome. We got 2 great drum solos. Nicole and the tenor are from Chicago. I loved the instrumentation. Nicole played the flute and piccolo and was really great with both. Mary was her usual greatness and I enjoyed the tenor, who I'd never seen before. The music was all new and written for this show. I'm so impressed they could play so well reading unfamiliar music. that always amazes me. There was a paper going around before the show asking for positive thoughts for the New Year that they would incorporate into the music. I loved the piece they played, which was pretty intense, and she would slowly read the words in between awesome playing.

Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections II
Nicole Mitchell (flute) David Boykin (tenor sax) Mary Halvorsen (guitar) Chad Taylor (drums)

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