Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Duo & Surprise Me Mr. Davis @ BBs NYE 2009

I asked someone handing out flyers for this at Bustle who was headlining and he said The Duo was. I was surprised when I got to BBs at about 2:15 that The Duo was on. Still, it was great and I was glad to be there. Then, The Slip came out and joined them and they played in that 5 member formation for quite a while. It was different combinations all night. The Duo kept sitting in with Surprise Me Mr. Davis and there wasn't any break.

I always want shows to be like that. I've been thinking up all kinds of ways for that to happen with different bands. It was nice to see it work so well.

I had fun and stayed til about 4. I'm sure I missed some good stuff, I was just satisfied and decided I was done.

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