Monday, January 26, 2009

Bellydance & Live Music @ The Grizzly Pear 1/25/09

I'm back from another amazing adventure in Costa Rica with Ariel and Shya Kane. I highly recommend checking them out on a Monday Night in NYC. The next one is 2/9. Everything keeps getting better and better for me with no effort, just by showing up and listening to what people have to say from their point of view. Just doing that pulls you into the moment and your life transforms. It's very practical and down-to-Earth and easy.

I went to see my friend Val bellydance again at The Grizzly Pear on McDougal. Scott played the oud all night, instead of his interesting homemade guitar. There was also a violin and 2 doubeks. It was awesome as always. I love that type of music. It was heavily influenced from Turkish music. I found out from a friend that many musicians go to Istanbul to study and I immediately added the city to my mental list of places to go on my quest to see the world through music.

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