Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[nec]shivaree @ The Stone 3/4/10

This was awesome. Sometimes, there is a fine line between ultra new jazz and ultra new classical. It was classical the way they behaved, providing a printed program, and that they were reading the music note for note. Probably in more subtle ways that I'm not familiar with as well.

I love ultra new music, and this was excellent. The first couple of pieces were performed by a saxaphone quartet. That was great, because I could notice differences in the different sounds each can make. They all had a time where each played just the mouthpiece, so I got insight into the differences there as well. It was awesome.

The next piece was performed by a string quartet + trombone. They each had a page turner for that piece. Then the string quartet played one of John's Zorn's pieces, "Cat O'Nine Tails".

It was awesome and nice to do something different.

Steve Drury (director) Benjamin Sorrell, Adam Pelandini, Sean Mix, Brandon Valerino (saxophones) Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Alexander Chaleff (violins) Stephen Upshaw (viola) Michael Unterman (cello) Wei Wang (trombone)
The attack wing of New England Conservatory’s new music program. New works by Lei Liang, Joan Arnau P├ámies, and John Zorn

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