Saturday, August 10, 2013

Butler, Bernstein & The Hot 9 @ Damrosch Park Bandshell 8/8/13

This was phenomenal.  We found out at the end that it's actually a new band that intends to record.  Yippee!  It's basically pieces of 2 of my favorite bands merging into one.  Millennial Territory Orchestra or MTO meets Henry Butler and whoever he wants to add.  The 9 included Matt Munisteri on guitar, Brad Cole on bass, Doug Weiselman on clarinet and saxes, Erik Lawrence on saxes, Peter Apfelbaum on saxes, Charlie Burnham on violin who I am all very familiar with and want to see every time they play anything.  Then there was a great drummer Herlin Riley from New Orleans who I didn't know before but he fit right in.  I don't know who the trombone player is.  The entire show was great.  It was also awesome that there were a decent amount of dancers and no one was giving us a hard time for it.  It was slightly dripping and the seats were all wet from earlier rain, but the majority of the crowd found ways to sit.  However, there was no problem to them this time if others got up and danced.  There were also some really fun dancers on the side that were fun to watch get down at times.  Excellent show!
A premier exponent of New Orleans piano, the adventurous virtuoso Henry Butler teams up with crack arranger Steven Bernstein (Sex Mob, Millennial Territory Orchestra) to dive into the roots of jazz. Butler’s elegant vocals and driving improvisations and Bernstein’s inventive trumpet power a fresh, forward-looking sound. With master drummer Herlin Riley, bassist Brad Jones, and members of the MTO, the newly formed The Hot 9 reframes the deep regional pedigree of classics by Bessie Smith and Fats Waller alongside Butler’s gleefully exploratory originals.

I did see Henry play with MTO at Jazz Standard a couple of times last year.  I'm so glad they are forming their own band and recording something:

I did a search on my blog for Steven Bernstein and there's quite a few posts on him:

Henry isn't too shabby on the blog either:

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